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October Bullet Journal Spreads (2022)

A cup of tea on top of three books

It's the perfect season to make a cup of tea (or perhaps a pumpkin spice latte) and curl up in a ball to read books all day! I guess I was a little sad to see the green leaves on the trees go away because it was only when I was done with coloring that I realized that I had colored all the leaves in green instead of the autumnal red, orange, and yellow.

Two black cats playing with a crystal ball in the right hand corner

What's October without a few black kitties? With the spirit of Halloween coming around, I thought it would be cute to do a spread with two cats peering into a crystal ball (no one knows what they saw).

Continuing with that Halloween theme, I drew some pumpkins and a witch's hat.

This one is a little ambiguous, but I love burgundy and gold as a color scheme and thought it would work very well with the fall theme for this month.

This one might be a little bit of a curious one, but I recently got into playing chess, and I loved how the pieces looked on the black and white board, so I decided to include this one.

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