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June Bullet Journal Spreads (2022)

After the IB, I've been spending all my time relaxing and getting back into the hobbies that I've been neglecting for a while. I think that's why I started my monthly intro page as a lightbulb that's cracked open. It felt like the drawing represented my newfound freedom!

A broken lightbulb and plants, lemons coming out of it.

I don't usually set out with a theme for the month in mind, but somehow I always end up drawing things along the same line. This month, I would consider the theme to be 'fruition'. It's the month that I graduate as well as spending the last few weeks in Jeju so I guess my subconscious mind wanted to show that everything I've done so far have come to fruition and it's time for me to enjoy what I've cultivated.

I'm probably reaching too deep to attach meaning to what I drew, but I like where I went with this month's theme so I'll just keep telling myself I had it all planned out 😆

Enjoy the official start of summer with these lemons and limes!

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