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March Monthly Intro (2022)

plants, window, calendar, March, potted plants
Entering the spring-feels

Designing for the March Monthly Intro page for my bullet journal is an exciting experience because I tend to be more emotionally attached to it, just because it's my birth month.

Every 'March Intro' consisted of illustrations on things I loved, with colours I like. Sometimes I would add stickers and other cute elements to make things really pop.

This year, Jeju had been unusually cold for a long time — the weather gets pretty warm when it reaches mid-February but we only felt the warmth when it was. Maybe that was why I wanted this month's spread to incorporate that 'spring feeling' that had not yet arrived.

I've particularly enjoyed creating weekly spreads for this month, so I wanted to share that with you!

I hope the illustration brings a little more vitality into your life!

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