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The girl behind the posts (hi!)

I was always one to be creative so when I found a way to build a website of my own, the first thing I did was to create this blog!

Sure, I could've just kept a journal but where's the fun in that? I also wanted to reach out to people while I was keeping the most important memories in my life here. 

Hope there was something that caught your eyes! 


  • Tell me a little more about you!
    Whaddaya want to know? I can give you some random details, I guess. DoB: March 17th (St. Patrick's Day in some countries!) ENFJ-A / 2w3 Comfort food: marshmallows, almonds Productive working time: 5-11 AM (yes, I'm a morning person, we actually exist) Motto: Dream high, think big Favourite scent: forest after rain I'm also currently a college student graduating in 2026 (but this is probably the least exciting detail out of all the above)
  • Where do you live/go to school to?
    Now, I'm a part of Class of 2026 at Swarthmore College in Philadephia! The campus is beautiful, and I hope to expand my horizons :D When I go back home for break, I go to Seoul. For most of my childhood, I lived on a beautiful island located on the south of South Korea called Jeju. It's actually one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so we get many tourists. I went to an international school there that follows the British education system, so I completed the IGCSEs and the IB program.
  • Can you describe yourself in five words?
    Hoo boy, that's a tough one... but I love doing these sort of things! Let's see- 1. Spirited (this is more from my friends than me; they tell me that I see the world as a joyful and exciting place to be in, and that's true!) 2. Well-equipped (I have lent: tape, boardmarkers, tweezers, alcohol swabs.. at school) 3. Peacemaker (I am told that I have a way of calming down arguments before it goes out of control) 4. Methodical (one of my defining traits — I will make plans to make plans if time allows) 5. Compassionate (this is actually what I strive to be, so I'd hope that this word describes me :D ) That's five! (minus the mini-description)
  • Why did you make this blog & what do you want out of it?
    I created this blog because I wanted to keep a record of what I do during my life. I could have started earlier, but I was quite scared of posting online. Haven't really thought about getting anything out of this except for... the pleasure of writing? I just want people (especially students like me) to come by and find the inspiration they need and get to know me a little!
  • What are some of your favourite hobbies?
    When someone asks this question, it's as if all of my existing hobbies just go on vacation 'cause my mind goes blank. Anyone else like that? But anyways, the one thing that I cannot live without is baking! My dad introduced it to me when I was 5 and since then, I continued to hone that skill. Now I've become pretty good with almost any recipe — I'm also proud to say that I haven't 'failed' at any of my attempts :) The reason why I love baking so much is that I can make delicious snacks to share with the ones I care about. Sweetness + friends and families is probably the best combination there is on earth! Another passe-temp (that's french for hobby) that I love is writing stories and poems. Yes, I like curling up with a book for hours and hours but writing them allows me to explore my imaginations even further! And poems are just *chef's kiss* to let out feelings that I didn't even know existed inside me. One final hobby that I'd like to talk about is singing. Whether it's in the showers, while dancing to music or during karaoke night, I give it my all when it comes to singing. The acoustics are always amazing in the showers and karaoke makes you feel like you're a famous pop star! A few other things would be: solving riddles and puzzles, doing my research on/drawing hummingbirds (they are so fascinating), and browsing through the latest technology & gadget videos! I could probably go on about a few more, but I'll take my leave here.
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