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January Month Intro + Books in 2022

This is my month intro for January! Here's to a wonderful new year full of joyful ends and exciting beginnings. Cheers!

The picture below is my book tracker for the year. I plan to read at least 40 books and I've already started the year with The Hobbit (in case you were wondering, I decided to read the LOTR whole series by Tolkien so that's why starts from number 8)

bookshelf, drawing, bullet journal page
40 books to fill in... so excited!

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Jan 04, 2023

2022 just ended! Did you fill out all the blank books? What books did you read? Any recommendations? ☺️

Elisha Bae
Elisha Bae
Jan 05, 2023
Replying to

Hi alwaysnuffles, Elisha here! Happy 2023 :) I did fill out some of the blank books! I only ended up filling it to number 18, but I loved the ones I read. I finished the Lord of the Rings + Hobbits series, as well as some psychological thrillers. 'The Silent Patient' (by Alex Michaelides) and 'The Accomplice' (by Lisa Lutz) were my favorite.

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