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April Bullet Journal Spreads (2022)

April calendar with fawn sitting down with butterfly on its nose. Flowers are surrounding them.

To sum up what the last academic term was like for me, it would be "reaping what I've sowed'. I completed my last internal examination, which was the French IO (speaking exam) and passed on my Big 8 responsibility to the Year 12s. This term being 8 full weeks didn't help with the pressure, either, but I'm just glad it's all over now. I can finally just focus on prepping for the IB exams that are coming soon.

I think that's why I wanted this month's theme to be all about cuteness and repose. Starting from the Monthly Intro page, I carried on the theme of animals onto the first week, then moved on to my monthly (?) dose of flowers and plants. The Week 15 spread was a format I hadn't tried before but it turned out really well, especially after shading them to look like I was really hanging things up. The daisies on Week 16 took a while to get a hang of making it pop out but I was an expert by the end. And as you can probably tell, I am in love with the black and white flowers! I tried to incorporate them onto the grids instead of putting them on the side as decorations.

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