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July/August Bullet Journal(2022)

I've gone into full 'summer vacation mode' ever since I came to Seoul and it's great! I've been meeting up with friends in new places and spending more time on my hobbies, which include creating new spreads for my bullet journal.

I created the pages for July quite late, so I decided to showcase both July and August's spread. The theme for July was 'plants,' and August's theme was 'the ocean'. Take a look!

▲ July's bullet journal pages

▲ August's bullet journal pages

I find it quite nice to set a theme for each month because it gives me an idea of how to set them up. And when I flick through, I can see what I wanted to convey for that month. For example, I chose 'the ocean' as my theme for August because it was so hot, and I wanted to plunge into the sea to cool down. Things like that make my bullet journal more personal and fun to make!

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