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November Bullet Journal Setup (2022)

November bullet journal monthly intro with low-poly fox looking up at a string of flowers

It's already November! I'm currently in the middle of finishing off some writing and preparing for midterms and projects, so I'd say things have been quite busy here at Swarthmore.

Which is (unfortunately) why I wasn't able to create the whole journal setup for November. I keep meaning to do them, but I just don't have the peace of mind to focus on creating them. Right now, the best practice for planning things out is to write a to-do list on a Post-it note day by day; I also started utilizing Google Calendar, too.

Still, I want to continue at least until the end of 2022 since we're so close to the end of it. This month, I'm going for a combination of animals and flowers for the theme (as if I haven't already done that before 😅) and the first one you see here is a low-poly fox and flowers.

I've always liked low-poly art -- it's quite hard to know where to use which color since you can't seamlessly blend the myriad of shades together. I think the slight 'unrealistic' feel of low-poly art is the beauty of it. I like how the colors turned out -- it suits the feel of the end of fall and going into winter.

Hopefully, I'll be done with the whole setup soon. If not, I guess I always have December :)

November bullet journal setup

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