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My Love for Text Adventure Games

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You know how my love for reading is extensive. I love reading almost anything, but sometimes, reading about a character going through struggles and adventures is not enough.

I'm not going to talk about the dungeons and dragons version of text adventures or physical books that are made so that you can choose your endings since that's not what I play (though they are also very interesting). But I was introduced to a text adventure company called 'Choice of Games' during middle school for a project the school was doing (by the way, I am in no way affiliated with them -- I just really like their games). This company made text adventures really accessible to anyone who owns an electronic device.

The reason why I love these games so much is that I get to take an active role as one of the characters (mainly as the hero/protagonist, but there are some very interesting ones where you are either the villain or a supporting character). As someone whose favorite way to play was to act out movies or books with me added to the plot and who still loves doing theatre because I can play different characters, these self-insert text adventure games were a childhood dream come true.

Another reason why it's so great is that you're not bound by the graphics that are presented to you as you might playing a videogame. They're just like reading a book, with chapters, characters, and plots, where you can use your own imagination to conjure up the images in your head. Nowadays, some authors have opted to provide sketches of characters and scenes, but most games remain strictly text-only.

Sometimes I get too invested in the stories, and I put off clicking on 'next' because I can't make up my mind about the choices presented. I know that they won't affect me in real life or anything like that -- I guess it just shows how good the games are at immersing you in the story. Some games will require you to think hard about your strategies and choices because you'll need a certain level of 'traits' or 'finances' to make important choices.

I'll end the post by giving recommendations for past games I played. Most of them, I can confidently say that they have a well-thought-out story with very interesting and dynamic characters. I'm not gonna be giving them ratings because I would end up rating everything 5 stars anyway. The titles are linked to the website, where you can purchase the full story.

  • Summary: When you realize that one of the departments at your workplace is all about regulating supernatural beings, your job gets a little more exciting. With vampires and werewolves to work with, will you find a way to deliver justice to this chaotic world?

  • Keywords: supernatural • detective story • romance

  • Exciting point: I don't do favorites, but honestly, this series gets better and better as it goes! The characters are so intricately built, and the romance is on point. I had a hard time playing other games that came out because I got used to the quality of writing on this one. This is a must.

  • Summary: Have you ever wondered what would become of you if you were to go to 'finishing school'? When the future of your family's name is on your shoulders, you may need to pull the right strings to get into the right groups of elite socialites. But who wants a spotless reputation when you can fill your life with drama?

  • Keywords: high society • scandals • school drama

  • Exciting point: This is for you if you love thinking about being a posh, aspiring member of the high society. It's like a school simulation, but they think manners are the most important thing instead of calculus!

  • Summary: With everyone holding a secret, who knows who you can trust? Listen to the stories of the spirits roaming in the mansion, make friends with the people you work with, and try to uncover the terror that lies at the core. Will you overcome your fears, or will the fear consume you?

  • Keywords: horror • paranormal activity • romance

  • Exciting point: If you're one to get intrigued by ghoulish stories and eerie settings, this one is the game for you! But even if you're not, you can always enjoy the story because it won't have jumpscares with horrific graphics.

  • Summary: Do you have what it takes to be the next superman?! Wade through countless choices starting from what your super suit looks like to whether you'll do good deeds for the money. Perhaps you'll even take in a helpful sidekick on the path to your fame as an A-lister hero.

  • Keywords: reality show • superheroes • rise to fame

  • Exciting point: I'm sure everyone, at least at one point in their lives, has imagined being a superhero. This game makes it a very realistic experience to be a superhero, and you'll be questioning whether or not this is a life suited for you.

  • Summary: The sun on Napoleon is going down, and France is waiting for a new heir to take over. But what happens when there are two options? As a bodyguard to the illegitimate son of Napoleon, you get to change the course of history next to some of the most influential figures of the country.

  • Keywords: historic • protect the heir • revolutions

  • Exciting point: If you're tired of taking the spotlight in every game, this might be just for you! Of course, the story revolves around you, too, but there is a sense that you're the supporting character trying to help out the main character. Consider yourself Watson to your Sherlock.

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