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Showcase: A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into (cover)

Let the posts keep on coming since I finished my exams!!! I've been on a creativity spree after my exam which is just me writing stories, recording songs, and drawing things.

Recently, I fell in love with the musical Be More Chill and the main character, Jeremy's big crush Christine is such a cute person!! I love how expressive she is during her songs; it makes me feel like I'm actually there with her.

I wanted to try that out myself, so I chose the song 'A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into'. To give you a little context of the song, Christine and Jeremy are both at play rehearsal. Jeremy signed up for the school play to spend more time with Christine. Jeremy also has a supercomputer chip called SQUIP, which basically is an artificial intelligence that controls Jeremy to be his 'chill' self (if you're a little worried about this detail, yeah, you're probably right to be worried). Christine starts talking about a boy she's started to see in a new light and Jeremy wants to believe that she's talking about him. Does he hear what he wants at the end..? Well, listen and find out!

I used two versions of the original Broadway Recording (the actual song and an instrumental version of it) so that I still had the chorus but also Jeremy's part (except for the very last bit where they sing together).

To create the 'cover page', I used elements from Canva!

Anyways, this song is now stuck in my head for various reasons. The rhythm and melody itself are so cheerful that it makes me happy just thinking about it and the whole song has a story to it (even a twist at the end), which, I think, is pretty unique. I can also relate to Christine's character — I often feel like I'm a completely different person when I'm on stage!

Hope this song was as fun to listen to as it was for me to record it :)

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