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Showcase: Sign of the Times (cover)

* The MR is provided by NESVAStudios 99 on Youtube

I've been meaning to do a cover of this song for a long time but I never got a chance to do so until now! Sabrina Carpenter turned Harry Style's song into a duet and it sounds spectacular.

Since I don't have a duet partner, I used Garageband to record both parts of the song and put them together. The cover that is shown in the video is also my design, with elements provided by Canva.

There's a sense of nostalgia along with a hint of heartache, but the song itself calms me down. The cover photo might have given it away, but I always imagine singing this at the end of time, perhaps in a world where no one is left to hear me sing (it's a theoretical imagination — I don't think about Doomsday all the time 😆).

Hope you enjoyed that :) You can hear the original version here!

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