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Designing My Prom Dress

Three girls wearing flower corsages and dresses

Our school doesn't have a proper homecoming so the 'Prom' at the end of the year, just before graduation is the biggest event that everyone looks forward to.

It's been a tradition for students to gather at a rather fancy venue to dance, eat, take photos, and just have the time of their lives before they all set off on different paths after high school. The only problem is... COVID.

The year above us didn't get to have a proper prom party because of government regulations put in place for such mass gatherings. And while that is completely necessary at times like these, it also meant that they had to miss out on the last party in high school.

Although with Omicron and other variants, we haven't been the luckiest bunch, either, it is to my hope that by the end of May or early June (this.. picture-perfect afternoon we shared -- Whoops! Just had a momentary flashback to the song For Forever from the musical Dear Evan Hansen -- but back to prom), things will be better and we'll be able to hold our very own prom.

Regardless of whether or not prom can take place, I wanted to take a moment to design my own prom dress the way I wanted them to be. I've been window-shopping online but haven't really found the one that satisfies all my fashion preferences. My plan was to come up with two different styles of dresses.



This is the final product! (you can watch my progress in the video):

Two prom dress designs

I had a lot of fun doing this! And it didn't take me that long either. Maybe I'll never find one like the one I designed but a girl can dream, right? And who knows? My design could be used to create an actual prom dress 😊 Hopefully, I'll get to write a post about prom if it actually takes place.

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