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A Ghastly Christmas

Victorian dress, rose, black and white photo
Mrs Dent and her deathly rose

It seems like in the olden days, people really liked telling ghost stories around Christmas. Take the Christmas Carol for example — that's a ghost story. It was almost like a tradition to gather around the fire on a cold winter's night to listen to stories about these eerie, supernatural beings haunting the poor humans. Sometimes, their stories are not about tricking humans but about their own desolations.

I had a lot of fun playing two characters in two rather different stories. While I don't want to give anything away, Mrs Dent, the housekeeper in the first story (The Wind in the Rose-Bush) was such an interesting character to portray. My big hoop dress helped me gain the superiority she flaunts when Rebecca Flint comes to stay.

In the second story, A Shadow on the Wall, I played the eldest sister Caroline who was hiding a dreadful secret from both of her younger sisters. In fact, they all have two brothers who can't get along with each other (hmmm.. I wonder how they come into the story...). In the end, the dark secret reveals itself.

I've never been one to like listening to ghost stories because my wild imagination will go beyond what is told in the story, but being in one was not so bad. In fact, I would say that I loved the tense atmosphere we were able to create with the lightings and our acting.

You can watch the full show from the video below! My stories appear at 13:30 (The Wind in the Rose-Bush) and 1:03:40 (A Shadow on the Wall).

Don't let these stories haunt you tonight!

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