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Performing 'A Christmas Carol'

The performance was a groundbreaking success! We performed the piece four times: on the 10th of December, we had a matinee (morning performance) for the younger years that also doubled as our dress rehearsal, and three performances in the evening from the 11th of December to the 13th.

The poster that was used to promote our show!

One thing that the Theatre Department does very professionally is the stage set design along with props and costumes. The set was beautifully made, even though it was a smaller stage. The smaller set made it easier for us performers to be more intimate with the audience -- for them to feel what we feel. Our director had a collection of Victorian era costumes which meant that the quality of our show was that much better. I had four different costumes (for a 1 hour show), so I've definitely learnt the ways of 'quick-changes'.

To get into more detail about my characters, I had the rare opportunity to be four different characters. At the start, I was a ghost who ventured through the streets of the town. I held a red parasol (which broke, to my dismay, during the nights of the performance) and tried to seem like I was being followed by someone. This was an addition made by us to set the mood of the show.

Then I was Belle, Ebeneezer Scrooge's love-at-first-sight, but also the reason for his broken heart. You see, Belle and Ebeneezer were engaged, but his workaholic attitude led Belle to be heartbroken. After a big argument, she decided to break the engagement.

After that, I was Martha Cratchit. Her family was poor as her father, Bob Cratchit, was Scrooge's clerk. But nonetheless, it was a heart-warming scene with lots of hugs and smiles. It was so nice to create that cozy atmosphere, in contrast to the gloomy ones of Scrooge.

The last character I played was one of the guests at Fred Scrooge's (Ebeneezer's nephew) party. The scene revolved around us playing a guessing game and making fun of Scrooge. I had an iconic line, 'I know! It's a duck-billed platypus!". When I said that line, everyone laughed (even the cast, although it was meant to drop the tension). Rehearsing this scene was the best because we got so many laughs out of it :)

If I had to choose my favourite character from that which I played, it would have to be Belle. Since she had a scene dedicated to her falling out with Scrooge, I had the most time to develop her character. Unlike the stereotypical women during the Victorian era who were obedient and quiet, Belle is a woman of determination and courage. She knew that if she married Scrooge, she would have become wealthy. However, since she felt that Scrooge didn't love her more than his work, she had the courage to speak her mind and break up with the love of her life. That determination and the ability to think about what's right for her made her such a 3-dimensional character to play.

I would also have liked to be the Narrator or one of the Ghosts that come to show Scrooge a different Christmas. They seemed like interesting roles to take on. (You can also take a look at my audition process here)

The cast was small (only 16 people in total) which meant that we were that much closer at the end of the performances. It was great to know so many talented people and have a mutual love for theatre.

The audience (my friends and family) loved the show! They were surprised of how we were able to make the story come to life without fancy effects or songs. I got so many positive feedback from them which made me want to give them an even better performance.

Although I'm glad that it's over (no more adrenaline-fueled dinners or running around frantically backstage!), I still can't wait to immerse myself in another show, which, actually, is not far away. I've auditioned for a student-led musical and got in, along with a Whole School musical. They're both going to take place during Arts Week 2019. It's a tight schedule, I know, but you know what they say: THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

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