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New Musical: Can You Hear Me?

It seems like all I do is perform in musicals but hey, it’s something that makes me happy so I’m not complaining XD

Bella’s musical, ’Can You Hear Me’ was a wrap! Since this story created by none other than my talented friend Bella, it was the /first/ time ever being performed onstage. We didn’t write our own songs but we chose existing songs that would best represent the mood and story. There were actually quite a lot of musical numbers, some with dancing as well, and it was so fun to be a part of a new musical in the making.

My cold did get worse from all the singing from Chicago — I never got a chance to fully rest my voice. I was running to the costume change room for a drink of water after every scene I was in, which didn’t really help with concentrating on the show.

But still, we managed to perform and it was great!

The premise of the story is about two girls, Rose and Jenna, who are CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults) trying to fit in with their peers in a new school. Charlie, who never met a CODA before, thinks that they’re strange. And with his friend Tommy, they unintentionally keep giving them a hard time. Chris, on the other hand, is your typical ‘Mean Girl’ of the story. But as the story progresses, they start to understand each other and get along. Rose and Charlie even get engaged at their graduation 😊

My two favourite moments in the musical was when Rose and Jenna were singing about how the world doesn’t seem to understand that they’re not /different/ in a bad way (What You Own from RENT) and when Rose and Charlie sang about just being themselves when it came to love (Only Us from Dear Evan Hansen). For Only Us, we even learnt sign-language to go with the song!

It was a really valuable experience as it was fully student-led, without any guidance from teachers. The performance may not have looked ‘perfect’ but it was definitely worth performing, even with a sore throat. I was so proud of everyone involved in it. Playing Rose, the warm-hearted girl who’s determined to let people know that being different isn’t so bad, I was happy to spread such a positive message.

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