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What to do, what to do...

a striped hammock
Time for some well-deserved R&R..!

I am, unlike most of my friends, a student with an abundance of time.

What that means is that I’m completely done with one of my IB subjects, finished with all the IB core work (like the Extended Essay, CAS, and Theory of Knowledge — I might have talked about this in a different post — I’m very proud of it as you may be able to tell), finished with my mocks, and now I have about 14 free periods every week. That’s more free periods than some of the teachers I know!

So now that the February holiday is coming to an end, I must ask the question: what can I do during all that spare time at school?

One scenario is that I finish all my preparation for the actual IB exam at school and not do anything, except maybe working out, when I get home. That’s a pretty efficient plan since I’m definitely more productive at my school library than at home, where I know the bed is less than two metres away.

But I probably can’t concentrate as well as I did back when I had deadlines after deadlines for assignments and the worst I could do was to procrastinate. So I decided that I could do some other things as well, just to shake things up.

After making a list, I realised that the activities could be grouped into three different categories: creativity, self-development, and entertainment. So here are some of the shortlisted activities of each category...


  • write a collection of poems

  • write a short story/short stories

  • get back into drawing

  • catch up on some blog posts that have been sitting in my ‘to do list’ for more than a few months

  • decorate my bullet journal


  • learn a new language (Japanese or maybe even Gaelic)

  • walk around campus

  • help out at the library

  • organise/declutter my computer

  • learn about/work on my blog’s SEO


  • go through my movie watchlist and cross some out

  • set up a better Instagram account (I haven’t changed anything from the one I made when I was in Year 6)

  • read books!!

  • take beautiful photos of the school for the memories

  • bring my ukulele to school and sing (BE the entertainment!)

I think that’s a pretty decent list! If I make a good enough schedule, I could probably do all of this before I graduate. In a few months, I’ll tell you what I did end up doing!

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