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I'm done with all my assignments..?

For the past few months, I've been a productivity machine. I'm not sure what made me tick, but I think I got the drive from being able to see the finish line in some of my subjects and assignments.

Up until now, there was no actual 'finish'. If I completed one year, another year of school was waiting for me. But now I actually see that things are coming to an end.

So let me list some of the major things that I completed:

- Extended Essay (first one to hand it in)

- TOK Exhibition task

- TOK Essay (so I'm basically done with the course)

- Psychology IA

- Biology IA

- Maths IA

- English IO

- French mock IO

- Theatre Research Presentation

- Director's Notebook (again, I'm done with Theatre classes now)

- All my CAS requirements

- University applications (all of them sent and done)

Whew... I don't even want to think about these anymore 😂But I'm so glad that I didn't burn out at the end of all this. I still have my mocks to get through so I guess the run isn't over yet!

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