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Balancing Out Responsibilities

Being in Year 12 means that I'm at the epitome of student leadership. A normal week for me consists of at least 6-7 meetings, minus any short rehearsals needed for productions.

There a lot that I have going on like coming up with the agenda for every Student Council meeting, attending the Big 8 meeting, preparing activities for both societies, checking in with my mentees, going for prefect duty, giving tours to prospective parents along with all my academics.

It can get overwhelming sometimes, but that doesn't mean I regret any of it. Sure, I might be running around school a few times a day or having lunch under 5 minutes to get to my next meeting, but it makes me feel alive. It's exhilarating, really.

I've gotten so good at coordinating my route to different meeting venues that I could be a ninja or something.

One thing that I did learn after my responsibilities increased is how to say 'no'. Before that, this was my biggest fatal flaw. I couldn't say no to people when they asked for help or needed me to do something. There were times where I was on the verge of losing it but I couldn't blame anyone because I could have easily avoided the situation by telling a few people that this is too much to handle.

I think part of me doesn't want others to do the work when I could potentially do it (especially if the person first asked for me specifically). Another part of me just feel obliged to be of service.

Still, now I know better than to bite more than I can chew. It's just a simple "I'm sorry, I don't think I'll be able to take that on right now" while explaining my situation. It's a lifelong lesson that I'm glad to have learnt it now instead of later.

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