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Stanford Summer Session: Week 7

When I started writing this post, I realised this is the penultimate week before I have to go back to Korea. I’ve adapted so well into this life that I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that I have a school that I go to and that I’m not in college yet. One thing I did realise is that my selfie skills are getting better :D

Before any of that sorta depressing thought takes place, I’ll tell you what happened this week! On Monday (breaking away from the pattern of fun weekends), there was an Open Mic Night

I was the only one who seemed to be excited to go there (since it was held at a different hall) but thankfully, my roommate was happy to come with me. There were some great singers and people who wanted to show off their (pretty bad) jokes.

This time, I was actually there with my ukulele, so everyone around me sort of knew that I was here to play. So that’s what I did! But it wasn’t like a typical talent show with a set order, so I had to muster up my courage to volunteer. That was very nerve-racking.

But everyone welcomed me on stage so I was ready to play. I do feel bad for making one of the Okada Hall RAs hold the mic for me while I played my ukulele since there wasn’t a mic stand, though...

Just today, I’m back from a greater adventure with quite a lot of my friends at Mirlo, including my roommate (the scale of my outings are getting bigger and bigger, so it seems)! We were planning to go to an Escape Room for weeks but couldn’t find a time that worked for everyone.

There were also problems in getting the right number of people for the escape room challenge that it took a while to find the people that would be able to go with us. But in the end, everything was sorted out and we were off to Omescape, an Escape Room in San Jose.

There were a few different challenges we could undertake, but since we didn’t have a lot of time and some of us were new to the concept of escape rooms, we decided to opt for the easier one.

Though it was my first time at an Escape Room, I was trained for the problem-solving and code-breaking part of it thanks to my dad’s Christmas scavenger hunts. What I wasn’t prepared for was the utter chaos that ensued when you locked a bunch of kids in a strange room with weird-looking compartments while eerie music is in the background non-stop.

As time was running out, we’d got the hang of it and started working as a team at last. Unfortunately, we didn’t escape in time (The Joker bested us...) but we were still happy to know that we were pretty close.

A group photo after we were done with the escape room (faces hidden for privacy)

Now that I think about it, this might be the last proper outing before I go back. Huh, what a strange feeling...

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