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Stanford Summer Session: Week 6

One of my favourite places on campus is probably the library I go to study. It’s a little far away from where Mirlo is, but it’s the quietest library that I found. I remember being in CTY and wanting to go to the library and study, but my camp privilege didn’t extend there.

Now that I can go to the library, it’s like my second habitat. It also makes me want to graduate as quickly as possible and become a university student!!

Stanford library with books and people studying
the view from my favourite spot in the library

This weekend was a little different from the rest because instead of spending time with my friends at Stanford, my mom and dad came to San Fransisco and took me out to have some quality family time.

To be completely honest, I was a little disappointed that I would be missing the campfire and s’mores, but a little birdy must’ve told the hotel that my parents were in about my disappointment because they apparently had complimentary s’more kits ready for the guests.

And the marshmallows there was as big as my face (I’m not even kidding). It would’ve been nice to show you a photo but unfortunately, it was devoured after mere minutes of opening the package.

I also visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium with mom and dad, capturing every single sea creature on my phone. After a while, it felt like I was swimming with them underwater (you know that weird feeling of being under the dark blue light of the aquarium and it feels like you lost all sense of direction?).

The otters were so cute that I spent a quarter of the time there (the video is too long so I couldn’t upload it, but they were definitely my favourite). There were jellyfish that gracefully swam around each other like wedding veils, a waddle (I’m not making up this collective noun, by the way) of penguins sliding and diving, small fish that I don’t know the name of but cute nonetheless... you get the idea.

I also took some photos at Pebble Beach. The combination of a foggy beach and trees made it look like a mystical place.

When I came back today afternoon, my roommate and I exchanged stories about our weekends. Her stories were so intriguing that it was as if I hadn’t missed a thing! But still, I’m glad to be back.

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