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Stanford Summer Session: Week 3

This week went by in a blink of an eye! Time really does fly when you’re having the summer of your life.

I actually got a little bored of staying in my room after all my classes were done (I actually don’t have that many classes, now that I think about it), so I’ve started two things:

One is taking a walk around campus, visiting new places and taking photos of the greenery present at Stanford. The other... is a little unconventional, but it happened. I bought a ukulele.

I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.

Before you go on and start asking me why, I wanted to use the privilege of Amazon prime’s super fast delivery (now that I’m actually in the US, it doesn’t take so long for things to be delivered). Also, the ukulele I bought was not very expensive, either. The sound isn’t as clear or nice to the ears as the one I have back in Korea but it definitely keeps me from being bored.

Also, while I was strumming away, I didn’t realise my door was opened, so when I finished a song or two, I noticed that a small crowd gathered outside the room. Two of the ‘audience members’ proceeded to become great friends!

Now I have a rather private (but not really at all) practice room, which is the balcony. I’m sure people walking by can hear me sing from a mile away but it does give me some room to sing and practice my ukulele without bothering my roommate.

But as you can probably tell, the weekends are truly the best at Stanford Summer Session. One of my closest friends (the one that shares the same musical interests with me) and I decided to book a ticket for the San Fransisco Orchestra.

It was a pretty impulsive booking to start with and we didn’t want to spend too much, so we decided to grab a ticket for the ‘lawn seats’. The grass was a bit damp and the dirt floor was getting to me towards the end, but it was definitely worth the while. The staging itself was spectacular, with lightings on the stone wall, making it seem more magical than it already was.

I’ll end this post with a snippet of the spectacular performance.

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