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Stanford Summer Session: Week 4

▲ Just a few more photos I got from my walk around campus

During this particular summer break, I’m experiencing a lot of ‘firsts’ and this week was no different. I usually just have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the residence dining hall. It can get pretty noisy in there and sometimes the line takes forever to move along.

So that’s why after my Communications class, one of my classmates and I went to Stanford’s very own Subway sandwich shop. Even though I did a lot of things that might be more nerve-racking than ordering my first Subway sandwich, that’s exactly what made me nervous.

Honestly, there were so many options! From the type of bread to what sauce I wanted in what combination, I didn’t know what would be the best way to order. What if I asked for too many things? What if I asked for too little?

Seeing my utter and hopeless loss of words, my friend decided to demonstrate how it was done. He made it look so easy..! So I mimicked what he did and managed to get a sandwich. Though, I did get flustered at one point when they said they ran out of honey mustard, meaning that I had to rethink the whole process. But the end product was definitely worth it. I never knew a sandwich could be this nice!

Just this Saturday (so yesterday), I visited the pool for the first time! It was an outdoor pool so I did my very best to stay in the shade but nonetheless, it was more fun than I ever thought I could have at a pool. Afterwards, the fun didn’t stop.

We called up a few more friends and as a five-people fellowship of some sort, we ventured into the Stanford Mall (mind you, my hair was still pretty wet). It didn’t even seem like it was a part of Stanford’s campus because from small kiosks to an official Apple store, they had everything.

Almost immediately, we went over to the Apple store and after we got bored of the high-tech environment, we found a chocolate shop and bought a lot of different snacks for ourselves and our roommates. My favourite was the chocolate covered raisins.

I was probably having a sugar rush in addition to an adrenaline rush from the exciting adventure of starting the day at the pool and ending it at a mall in the afternoon. But when my head hit the pillows, I was already off to sleep.

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