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2022: Beginnings & Ends

If you've ever timed yourself run a certain distance, you also probably know how easy it is to press 'start' and 'stop' to record it. To me, 2022 feels like a stop/start timer.

2022 is the year that I became a legal 'adult'. At the moment, it just feels like another label that's been slapped onto me without any real qualifications. I don't feel any different or 'more mature' than I was a few hours ago (and honestly, that one sip of wine I had raised a lot of questions — why do people even like it? It tastes weird..!). But that's something of a new beginning.

I also started a new bullet journal; this time, I intend to keep going until the end of the year because the last two years, I didn't have much luck with finishing off the ones I made in January. I never forgot the fact that I liked to plan my weekly spreads and incorporate new themes into my monthly introduction pages, so I'm starting that once more.

Still, I can't believe that my whole high school life will be finished around June. Of course, graduation is still a mile away, but I know just how fast time flies when I've got a lot to do. Even though I'm already done with one IB subject (thank you, Theatre Studies, for being coursework only!) as well as my Extended Essay, IAs, and CAS, there's still work to be done. I'm already imagining what my prom dress would look like and gathering inspiration for the design. Those are some happy thoughts right there. And as Head Girl, I need to give a valedictory speech..! See, I wasn't joking when I said there is a lot to do.

I can think of one other thing that finished: it's my college applications! Everything that needs to be sent is already sent, and now it's just me against time (and a whole lot of other applicants, but who needs all that stress?). I had a lot of fun during the process because I learned more about myself and what I would like to be doing in the future.

It can feel a little bittersweet, thinking about the things that will end for good, but I'd like to believe that the finish line I go through now will become the starting line for other opportunities. On the other hand, when imagining the future gets too overwhelming, I ground myself by remembering the things I already know about — like how I'll stay in contact with my friends at NLCS and everything I learned in school that I can take to university.

I think that's a nice wrap for this post. Back to revising for my mock exams..! I'll be back after the Seollal holidays :D

Stay safe, and Happy New Year!🥳 🎉

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