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🎉 My Hopes For 2021🎉

It's been such a weird year — for literally everyone in the world. I don't think there has been a time more chaotic and uncertain than 2020. But this year is over.

When COVID first became news, I thought that it would come and go like other seasonal illnesses. But when it came to shutting down schools, factories, and even the whole country, I realised that this was much worse than I imagined.

I really do hope that the world will be in a better place as 2021 progresses. I would love to take my classes at school instead of online and spend the penultimate year in Jeju mask-free and happy.

Even if things don't change that much, I at least hope that by Christmas this year, I'll be able to meet my dad without having to worry about quarantine and such.

And remember: the 1 makes all the difference.

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