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New Year, New Journal

It's been just over two months since I've started using a Bullet Journal. The experience so far is amazing. It can serve as a day-to-day diary or a planner, but the fact that there's potential to be so much more makes it even better.

Even though I'm nowhere near finished using my first bullet journal, I was getting tired of having to stick two pages together because the ink would bleed through. The paper was 80 gsm, which I had no idea what it meant, but the

The new bullet journal I bought was from a cute shop called Archer & Olive. They have notebooks for bullet journaling as well as travel notebooks which are more portable. The paper they use are 160 gsm, which means that you can paint and use watery ink pens without having the problem of it showing through the pages! I love the design on the cover, too! They do run out of notebooks fairly quickly, so buy it while you can :)

To celebrate 2019 and getting a new Bullet Journal, I created new spreads! The first one is the Future Log. It contains all twelve months of 2019 and the events that take place. It's a growing list, so I'll post updates a few times.

This is the Books of 2019 spread. I'm particularly fond of this . Although I haven't yet, I'm going to draw books that I wish to read on the 'shelves' and colour them in once I've read it. I hope to fill the whole thing up! This also ties in nicely with my 2019 Reading Challenge on Goodreads. I'll make sure to read 30 book and more :)

This one is another beauty (if I do say so myself). At the end of this year, it'll contain all the dreams and goals I have for 2019. It's all pastel and shiny because that's what dreams are like. I hope to have many dreams accomplished by the end of the year. On a side note, the title is a reference to one of my favourite songs by Owl City (check it out here).

Then I have my Idea Box. This is for all the random creative ideas that seem to come to me at the strangest times. This spread will be full of ideas for new spreads, new blog posts, and other creative things.

This page contains two spreads. One is like my New Years Resolution. I've written down some things that I want to start doing (or continue doing) and things that I want to stop. They're similar on some notes, but I wanted to keep them separate. On the other side, there is the 2019 wishlist. It serves as a bucket list of the things I'd like to do during 2019.

The 2019 Entertainments spread is simply a spread that keeps track of all the musicals, films, theatre productions, art exhibitions, and orchestra performances that I get to see during the year. I love collecting tickets because when I look back at them, I'm able to remember what the show was like.

One of my goals for 2019 is to stop spending money on things that I don't really need. In order to do that, I've created a flowchart that helps me determine whether or not I need to buy the item or not.

The first slide contains the first Monthly Introduction of 2019. I love how the watercolor turned out. Beside it is the January habit tracker. I've modified the dates to make sure that it's doable. The next slide is the first Weekly Log of the year! Instead of putting in the month, I've decided to write down the week number so I can sense the flow of time.

Curious of how I got into Bullet Journals? Find out here!

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