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Pathway to Change [Part 5 - Final]

I’m happy enough to say that this will be the last post of the Pathway to Change series on my blog. So much has happened to me since and I think that writing these five posts have given me a better idea of the journey that I have been through in the past year or so.

Although I have been experiencing a lot of positive changes, I realise that the things that happened to me and the thoughts that haunted me for so long can come back. This is something that worries me, but only to a certain extent. I have learnt a lot of different lessons, starting from the fact that only I can make a difference in how my life goes (no matter how good the other person is at giving advice or knowing about changing one’s life) if I can’t implement those suggestions, there will be no change.

I also understand that even if I stumble and fall, that isn’t the end of everything that I now have. I also understand that it’s much easier to pick myself back up at the beginning of my fall instead of when everything comes toppling down. That’s why it’s so important to recognise what I am going through — keeping a journal or a blog like this seems to really help with gaining insight.

Throughout these times, I believe I have matured enough to be a little more resistant to the problems that I face. In no way am I completely shielded, but now I know that seeking help is not something embarrassing. I’ve also been able to confront some of my old thought patterns to bring changes to negative ideas I have.

I know for a fact that this is far from over. I still have so many new experiences to seek and who knows what life will throw at me at a new place with new people? I might fall into an even darker phase but I know that with the right mindset, I will be able to pick myself up.

There are bad days and good days; they co-exist. One bad day doesn't make one’s whole life miserable nor does one good day makes every single day a joyful one. It’s the balance that I keep to make sure that I cherish the good days and recover from my bad days that’s important.

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