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Movie Review: Zootopia

Disney released a new movie!

Set in a society filled with diverse anthropomorphic animals, Zootopia is the place you can guarantee your dreams come true.

Judy Hopps is a bunny that came to Zootopia to accomplish her childhood dream of becoming a police officer. But because of the fixed mindset that only big animals can be a police officer, she has a hard time fitting in and feels the need to prove herself worthy.

Nicholas 'Nick' Wilde is a sly fox that loves a good hustle. He meets Judy under complicated circumstances and is forced to help her on a mission.

Through their ups and downs, they manage to find what's important to themselves.

I loved how Disney portrayed the diverse society in Zootopia. The movie showed us that looks don't really matter when it comes to being successful in your area of passion. Also, diversity is everywhere and we, as the whole world, needs to open their heart and mind to embrace everyone.

Everyone, go watch Zootopia!

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