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I'm About to Take My Final IB Exams..!

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This is it, people! My two years of the IB course has led up to this particular moment in my life, which is taking the official IB exams.

I would say that I was quite lucky in terms of the distributions of my exams. They're all spread out nicely and I don't have any crazy days where I have psychology and biology on the same day (That happened in my mocks. It was not pretty). Although because of my French exams I have to wait until the very end of the actual IB exam period for my tests to finish, I have a late start.

Also, because I don't have written exams for IB Theatre, the number of exams I need to take have reduced significantly. That's a real plus for me.

Before I forget, I have to tell you this: I probably won't be posting anything major until May 20th, which marks the end of the IB exam period.

This is the first and last external exam I'll be sitting in high school (because of COVID, my year group wasn't able to take the official IGCSE exams. You can read all about that here), so I want to get this right. I'm going to try and end up with the same score as my predicted grades!

See you all in a while and good luck to any IB students out there taking the M22 exam!

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