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No IGCSEs!?!?

When I turned on my phone in the morning, I knew something was up. There were 27 unread messages from 6 different people. When I checked my emails, I understood why.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all exam boards, including CIE, decided to put a stop to all upcoming exams. This included the IB, IGCSEs, GCSEs, and A-Levels. This was shocking news to everyone because at this moment in our academic life, we were full-on revising for our IGCSEs.

My friends and I, as students, didn't really know how to respond to this decision. On one hand, we were quite excited and relieved that the pressure of sitting a big exam had been lifted from our shoulders. But on the other hand, there was still a question of how our IGCSE grades were going to be given out at the end of the year.

But since the whole world was affected by COVID-19, there wasn't much we could do about this. The school said that they would tell us if more information was released from the exam boards. This is (probably) the first time this happened and we're all new to this situation.

I just hope everything will be okay; and that there will be a good solution to what's going on :)

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