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First Birthday as an Adult

When the movie Tangled first came out, I was only 7 years old. That's why I thought that Rapunzel had every right to do whatever she wanted. She was 18!

And I was usually the same age as the protagonist of most Disney movies/shows. Now I'm at the point of my life where I am definitely older than them -- and I can't even call myself a 'teen' anymore. That's just... weird. The more I think about being an adult, the less I know how to take it all in.

But today, I've been receiving a cascade of warm birthday congratulations and gifts. I feel blessed to know that people think of me and care for me. And I'm not just talking about my friends -- so many teachers congratulated my birthday and told me that I've grown into a wonderful adult. This made my heart melt :)

And what was also sweet was my birthday cake! This year, I took the liberty of baking my own cake instead of just buying it at a bakery. It was a vegan cake (not that I'm going vegan but I wanted to spice things up) that didn't require an oven. No flour or sugar was used -- only dates, honey, and almonds. There's a Korean Youtuber who shares amazing recipes and every time I make something of hers, it turns out to be delicious. Here's the link for the cake I made, in case you want to try it yourself!

The cake turned out to be delicious. The strawberry cashew filling was sweet and creamy. Mix that with the crumbly almond-date crust, the texture was perfect. The colours were amazing, too!


One totally unexpected gift was from, well, me! I completely forgot that I wrote a letter to myself a few years ago and scheduled its delivery for today (if you want to try it out yourself, you can go to FutureMe).

The beginning of an email from FutureMe that was sent from the past
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this in my inbox 🙈

I thought I would share at least some parts of the message — it was too funny to keep it for myself. If you click on the arrow below, the email will expand! Do note that this was written by a girl in her teenage years, so it can be a little ✨dramatic✨ at some points.

14-year-old Elysia's letter to 19-year-old Elysia

My response to younger me

I love her (me). I realised that my flair in writing was already in full bloom back then -- especially for my love of puns.

Even though I am legally an adult, I still feel like a child at heart. I like my ability to still look at the world in an optimistic way and I wouldn't trade my imagination and zealous attitude towards life with anything. I'm still going to take everything as a new adventure.

Here's to a new chapter in my life :)

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