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Creative Responses [IB English Lit.]

One of my favourite class assignments is when my teacher allows us to come up with creative responses to poems and stories that we've studied in class. Although my friends think that creative responses are the hardest to do, I absolutely adore reflecting the style of the writers in my own piece of work. Sometimes it's an idea presented in the work that I try to delve into further. I've compiled quite a bit of my creative responses over the year, which I've shared below.


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[In response to Wisłowa Szymborska's metapoetry, such as 'The Joy of Writing']

Phone Call With the Divine No, no — I think you’ve got the wrong number. I am not a “writer”. (who made you change your voice only with that little italic choice) You see, I’m a creator; someone with wits — but better. The silver glint from my Lamy pen fuels the full moon for lycanthropes While my fingers tap-dance on the typewriter to bring rhythm to the soldiers’ march. Under my reign, trees ponder about their roots; cats host their own ‘mouse-querade’ balls. This magic realism often catches Outsiders off-guard. With no real effort, I can dangle you down a cliff — Just three mere dots (I can add them in a jiff) Did you hear about the artist next door who captured a soul inside a frame? What if I told you that too was a metaphor written by someone like me, for fame? I can let you see the past, the future But those aren’t as important As the story unravelling now. So where were we? Ah, yes. You’ve been talking to Almighty: (what blessing, what joy!) Don’t forget what I’ve told you — Or else next time, You may end up dead In the following rhyme.

[In response to Carol Anne Duffy's collection, 'The World's Wife', especially Eurydice & Mrs Faust ]

[In response to stories in Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber' anthology]

[In response to Angela Carter's Wolf Trilogy]

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