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School Writing Competition

This is an entry for my school's short story competition held during Book Week


What was she supposed to do? There was a glowing necklace in her hand, and she couldn’t drop it in the water. There was something wrong with this necklace. Something very wrong. It was as if it was alive. It had its own mind, a brain in the small amulet. ________________________________________________________________________

The necklace which Rebecca found in front of her doorstep, was a murder weapon. Of course, Rebecca didn’t realise that until it strangled two of her classmates when she was angry at them and thought that she wanted to ‘kill’ them. Mary Jane and Genevieve were the most obnoxious girls in her school. During lunch, they taunted her for not being able to pay for the lunch. Rebecca’s anger flared. It happened in an instant. Her necklace flew over to the girls, and as it flew in the air, it wrapped around them and continued to choke them to their death.

Rebecca was terrified. She froze at her spot and helplessly looked at Mary Jane and Genevieve writhing in pain. They clawed their neck, trying to break free from the forceful grasp of the necklace. In a few minutes, the girls slumped on the ground, their once sparkling eyes turned into dull and lifeless ones. The necklace flew back to Rebecca and laid in place. No one knew she did it. Teachers and students were screaming and running around frantically. Rebecca quietly slipped out of the cafeteria and ran away from the dreadful situation.

On her way back home, she felt like everyone was looking at her suspiciously. Her hands shook uncontrollably when she broke the chains of the cursed necklace and threw it as far as she could. Everything was spinning around her. Breathing heavily, she balanced herself by holding onto a park bench. Calming herself, she slowly stood up and started to walk.

However, the traumatic situation didn’t end at school. Rebecca was almost home when she was stopped by a man. A policeman. Rebecca felt her knees getting weaker. From her face, all colours were drawn. Somehow, this policeman got a hold of the information of the murder in her school. He came to her because he found out that she was the murderer. At least indirectly. There was a possibility that it wasn’t about that, but she wasn’t going to take any chances. Searching for a way out of this spot, Rebecca stepped backwards.

She gasped as frigid chains touched her neck. The necklace, the one she threw away, was back. What was she thinking? Of course, she couldn’t get rid of it. It had the ability to fly, and the power to kill. It was definitely cursed. And it was the only way out of this. Kill. She ordered. More confidently and calmly than the first time she used it. The necklace was wrapped around the man’s neck and soon came back to her again. Subconsciously, she smirked as she walked past the dead body. ________________________________________________________________________

Now it was down to this. She knew the necklace would somehow find its way to her again. She blamed herself for being so selfish and cruel. And the fact that she felt good and powerful when police officer died in front of her eyes, made her sick to her stomach. Was this her true self? A sadistic killer that murdered people for her own joy and her distorted definition of justice? Rebecca closed her eyes and touched the necklace. The chains felt even more metallic and cold than usual. A single stream of tear fell from her eye. Rebecca took a short breath.

Hidden in the pitch black night, a silhouette plunged into the river. ________________________________________________________________________

People in the news had reported that young Rebecca had killed herself, by jumping into the water. That was half the truth. No one was able to guess that invisible hands were slowly cutting off her breath and that for her last words, she silently screamed - kill me.

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