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An Indoor Christmas

For this Christmas, I was finally able to go to Seoul to spend time with my dad and my grandparents. But because of the ever-present COVID and its variants, our family just decided to have lunch at our house instead of going out for a Christmas lunch.

One of the great things about being in a city as opposed to being in a rather rural place like Jeju is the delivery system. With an app, you can order anything from pizza to a full-course meal and they deliver it right in front of your door.

delicious food on table
All of this from a single tap!

Dad took the liberty to decorate the house but my mom and I ended up reorganising them so that they didn't feel too clustered (there was a lot of decorations).

I think I'm getting pretty good at editing photos to enhance their atmosphere, too, don't you think? 😊VSCO remains one of my favourite apps to do that.

With the karaoke set up, I'd put on a short Christmas concert for my parents and grandparents. If it didn't feel like Christmas yet, the carols made it all better.

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