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WSC Global Round In Bangkok

My second experience at the WSC global round was amazing!

The World Scholar's Cup hosts an international debating competition that focuses on 6 different subject areas. Each year, the general theme changes, but this year, WSC concentrated on An Imperfect World.

My friends and I were honoured to join our school's Representatives of WSC. We prepared for different subject areas and shared our research to reduce the pressure, which, I personally think worked really well.

In terms of team debates, we won two out of three debates! I was either the first or second speaker in my team. The preparation time and speaking time was really short, so we had to make sure that we had enough evidence and a strong point in order to win. The first debate was the one we lost, but it became a practice for us. That's how we won the other two.

The Scholar's Bowl was my favourite, as the questions really got me thinking. The theme 'Imperfect World' itself was interesting, and the subjects delved into things that you wouldn't necessarily think about during your normal life.

The Collaborative Writing was calmer than the other challenges, as we wrote an essay about a certain topic. It was different to any other writing challenges because after we wrote our individual essays, we had time to peer-check the essays that our teammates wrote.

The Scholar's Ball was such a blast! We were so pumped up that it was hard going to sleep.

We also participated in the Culture Fair and discovered so many new cultures around the world! I tried different kinds of food and learnt to write my name in another language.

I wasn't able to be on the Scholar's Show because I missed the entry deadline, but it was fun nonetheless, watching others perform wonderful dances, songs, drama pieces and more!

We weren't able to proceed to the Champion's round, but received some medals and two trophies. And we even got our own plushie alpacas! PWAA!

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