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Writing with a prompt

I had this prompt for the last TWO years, and I didn't know how to write it. But now, I'm here with a (very) short story! The writing prompt is underneath the writing because I didn't want to spoil i.

I woke up from my stone-like bed. Pain in my sides shot through me like I was being electrocuted. I never wanted this. I never wanted any of this. But it was a part of me now, and I couldn't deny it anymore.

Walking around in the place I had no choice but to call home, I let my mind get taken over by the past. The sheer memories of my childhood bit me like a venomous snake. It was dark. And nobody loved me. I was always alone.

All I asked for was for them to care. Even as a young one, I was abandoned in this solemn world. I can't blame them as the sole reason for who I am now, though. I was different. Never fitted in with the other children. I don't recall if they avoided me first, or if it was me who avoided them in the first place.

As I grew older, I learnt how to shut everyone out from my world. Even the people I once loved were just a distorted memory to me. I never opened up my heart, scared that I might get hurt. What I didn't know was that during the process, I secluded myself from the world around me.

. . . .

True — now I am the villain of this world. I had never asked for it, but here I am, battling the so-called 'good' everyday. I had been walking on a tightrope, and the moment I realised that I was falling, it was too late. I swear: this will be the death of me.

The hero's story of how they defeated the villain will become legends. While mine won't even reach the light.

People would weep and carry flowers to their graves if I kill them. Think of me as a monster that I already seem to be.

But if the hero kills me... they are the true savior. Loved by everyone, while I lie on the cold ground, not a single tear shed from anyone.

Funny how that is.

I'm just a broken soul as they are.

Writing Prompt: Write From The Villain's P.O.V

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