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Winning The House Performance 2018

Our school loves to promote creativity alongside the educational parts. That's why one of the most beloved House Competition is House Performance, where we dance and sing our hearts out.

Before I move onto the House Performance, I'd like to explain about the Houses in our school. There are 5 houses in total (originally, there were 4, but the number of students grew so much that we needed an additional House): Noro, Mulchat, Geomun, Sarah, and Jeoji. They are all named after a mountain in Jeju (or Oreums, as you call it here). Every Monday, we have a House Competition, kind of like the

I belong to Noro, the House of the Wolves. Mulchat's animal representative is a Dragon, Geomun is represented by a Griffin, Sarah is a Phoenix, and the Sun Lion represents Jeoji. Our motto is from The Jungle Book:

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.


For the last few years, our House wasn't the best. But this year was going to be different. Our House chose to perform 'Imagine' by John Lennon. It had to be a full A Capella song, so it was a little different to the original. I had been selected to be in the Solo Group (which sings the melody/lyrics), so I kinda had an easy job. It was a well known song, which meant that it could either go really well or downhill.

The Glee performance (singing and dancing) was also headed towards success. For the last two years, the songs we picked were too moody for a Glee performance (at least, that's what we told ourselves), so this year, we decided to do an upbeat song instead. 'What Time Is It?' from High School Musicals. We were definitely going to win.

All the practice and hard work paid off, though, when the winners were announced. We were in 3rd place for the Glee Performance and 1st place for the House Performance. Overall, in both sections, we were the winners! It was so long since we've won the House Performance, so I was a laughing and crying mess :)

I can't wait to run the 2019 House Performance!

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