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Why My Family Is The Best

I'd like to talk about my family and how I think I have the best family ever.

A Helping Hand

When I'm in need of anything, I know that my parents and my grandma will come and help me. Families are best at helping because they never ask for something in return. But maybe it's best if you help your family with chores when they need it :)

Love Is Unconditional

I think this ties in nicely with the first point -- families are amazing because their love is always unconditional unlike other relationships you might have in life. Asking for absolutely nothing for all the hard work that my family puts into taking care of me must be so hard, but they do it! I'm always grateful that they consider me as their best 'harvest'.

An Eternal Supporter

With my family, I've got never-ending support for everything I do. My family always encourages me to try my best, but never scolds me for making mistakes. This makes me even more confident as I know that my actions will be supported no matter what.

Having Triple The Fun

With every member of the house, the fun we have increases. With my mum, dad, and grandma, fun never ends in our home. My family relies on me for the source of their laughter and I love hearing their laughter.

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