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What's My Passion?

What makes your heart pound? What keeps you going during hard days?


To be absolutely honest (and I will), I still haven't figured out what drives me through life. I mean, sure, I have things that I love doing: reading, writing stories, taking long showers while singing, technology etc but they aren't my 'passion'.

And the thought made me quite sad because we hear people who discovered their passion at a very young age and then turned it into an amazing project that changed the world. The hobbies I have are just things I enjoy doing when I have time to spare. I'm not saying that your passion needs to be something so big that it ends up on the news, but the fact that some people manage to accomplish something due to strong feelings of determination and the love for it seems incredible.

I wish for my hobbies to turn into passion filled activities where I strive to make it better everyday and still love it while doing it. So my aim for this year, 2016, is to turn my hobbies into passion, and develop them even further. My hobbies aren't my passion. Yet.

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