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Valentine's Day Baking!

Valentine's Day baking

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If Christmas is all about the holiday cheers, Valentine's Day is for the sweetness in the air!

After my big success in baking matcha sesame rolls for my college friends, I used the remaining ingredients and tools I bought to do a second round of baking! I had been eyeing a particular kind of chocolate cake -- one that uses ramekins as individual containers. I thought it would be a cute and sweet dessert to make for Valentine's Day.

Especially with a brand new oven installed in Wharton, I didn't even need to go far searching for one that wasn't grimy or one that actually worked well. I used this recipe for the cake, with an additional scoop of peanut butter on the bottom for extra taste!

The ingredients aren't hard to get, either. I had a lot of all-purpose flour left from my previous baking session as well as sugar and cocoa powder. I used the leftover vegan butter so that my vegan friend could enjoy the dessert, too! Did you know that vegan chocolate chips taste so good!?

Six ramekins filled with chocolate cake batter
These are about to go in the oven!

After wrestling with the oven settings for a bit, I was finally able to get the cake baking! It was already looking good after 22 minutes. I let it cook in the ramekin after removing them from the oven so that it wouldn't overcook. The whole point of this chocolate mug cake is to have a gooey core!

Adding some vegan chocolate ice cream was the cherry on top of these cakes! The cold ice cream and hot chocolate cake mixed so well together. Though it was so very sweet, the fact that it was served in a small ramekin meant that you could enjoy the cake without the pressure of having to finish a big serving!

Five young adults looking happy after eating chocolate mug cakes
Everyone looked ecstatic after eating the cake!

I had so much fun with this baking session 'cause I invited some of my closest friends to try out my cake! Everyone seemed to love how it tasted. Another successful baking session, if I do say so myself :)

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