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This Christmas Adventure

Every Christmas morning, I have something to look forward to. That's because my dad creates special quests that reveals where my Christmas present is! It's so much more rewarding than just receiving a gift right away.

But I must be the unluckiest person in the world, since I caught a cold (a really bad one) on the night of Christmas Eve. So this Christmas Treasure Hunt was a little harder than usual.

My dad has a way with words, which means that he makes the most mundane objects sound like holy objects. Also, the instructions he gives me are very cryptic,

Here are some of the best ones:

- When you venture into the rendezvous of fire and water, there is peace and quiet. Underneath, there are remaining glories of the Parthenon - but one is not like the others. The path will open once the veil is cast away.

==> In the kitchen, underneath a photo of me sleeping, where there were 4 bottles, but one had a white cap. It was wrapped in a plastic bag. In it, there was a map that became the clue for the next step.

- Think back to the story of Snow White. Go to where the Queen's pride was at best. When you find a rouge spirit that guides your way. Only a breath of warm wind shall reveal the clue.

==> It was in the bathroom, where we have an ornate mirror. There was an arrow drawn with a red marker and when I breathed on the mirror, it showed me which room I had to go to next.



This year's present was so epic! I got the new iPad Pro 3rd Gen!!!!! I was in need of a new tablet (my last iPad wasn't working anymore..) and my parents were kind enough to buy me a new one :) I've used it for a day, and I think I can actually use it as my day-to-day computer!


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