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The Four Seasons At Swarthmore

It's no secret that I reside on one of the world's most beautiful campuses. To experience the four seasons at Swarthmore is a blessing. I won't talk much in this post since I want you to enjoy the beauty that surrounds the campus for all four seasons.


There are a wide variety of flowers you can see when spring hits Swarthmore. The paths sometimes get covered by falling cherry blossom leaves. Though it can be people with hay fever's worst nightmare, you can't deny the loveliness of the flowers in full bloom!


When summer's here, the greenery of the campus increases exponentially. The radiating sun makes the leaves seem like there are emeralds glistening in the trees. The days are long, meaning that you can enjoy the blue skies for longer.


Autumn is probably my favorite look that the campus has to offer. The misty mornings blend into the colorful leaves, and when the sun is high, the red, yellow, and remaining greens show off their vibrant looks.


Though you might think that winter is all about barren trees (and you're partially right), the sunsets color the evening sky in a pastel pink and blue which is a dreamy contrast to the dark trees. There are some flowers that break through the cold ground to decorate the campus.

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