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The Big 8 (a dream come true)

Imagine you're me. Read the letter below (it just arrived in your inbox).

*names that are not mine have been covered to ensure privacy*

Now faint.


That's sort of how things went when I read this letter from my school's vice principal (I didn't actually faint, though). It was about announcing the new members of the Big 8, including the Head Girl and Head Boy position.

Now, the Big 8 is a student leadership group that supports the students and staff to bring positive changes to the school. They attend assemblies, take the lead of one of the committees, give tours around school, and most importantly, represent the school.

Ever since I saw the Big 8 (it was actually the Big 6 back then) in action when I was only in Year 4, I had this hidden dream of becoming one of them in Year 12. I say hidden because I couldn't possibly tell anyone about it — no one would believe it anyway, since I was very very shy.

But after a long and tedious application process, interviews, and waiting, the result of it was right in front of my eyes. Me, the Head Girl of the whole school. What an honour.

I still can't believe that this actually happened. I keep being reminded of the fact by many of my teachers and friends, but it still feels surreal. I don't think I've ever wanted something so much in my life and now here it was.

Most importantly, however, I want to give all glory to God, who has allowed me to step into this role and be the centre of change at our school.

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