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Taco "Thursday" with the DEH Cast!

Since Heidi (in Dear Evan Hansen) never got a chance to indulge in a Taco Tuesday with her son, Evan, we thought it was a good opportunity to get the cast (and a few crews) together to fulfil the wish.

It turned out to be a Taco “Thursday” because of schedules but no one really cared about the slight change. After our usual Dear Evan Hansen rehearsal CCA (which we spent clearing the school of an abundance of promotional posters and secretly writing Thank You cards to the wonderful teachers who helped put this show together), we headed over to Bangin’ Tacos, the best — and only — taco place in the Global Education City.

I actually had a surprise for the people because I had spent the whole evening the day before making cupcakes for everyone. It turned out really nicely, with the colourful frosting and all, and tasted even better!

And it was a good thing I made 12 instead of the 8 I was going for, because there were more people invited than I thought there would be. But thankfully there was just enough to go around and everyone seemed to love it! (Ahh, the joys of baking 😊)

Since I couldn’t decide between a Quesadilla and a taco, my friends and I decided to share the Quesadilla and have a taco each, because what’s Taco Tuesday without a taco?

The food was on point; the chicken Quesadilla had the most amazing balance of cheese and chicken and the taco’s guacamole was so refreshing.

And while we were enjoying the delicious meal, we reminisced the great memories of Dear Evan Hansen. It was really fun getting to know the tech crew’s side of the story because what they heard and saw from backstage was wildly different from what the actors onstage were experiencing.

It was a great way to wrap things up and just spend some more time with the best people in the world. We did have to cut the night-out short since the school wanted all the boarders back before 7, but since we were going to have an actual epilogue night where we watch our full 2 hour footage of the show, it wasn’t too bad.

And then we all got one email… about the first confirmed case of Corona virus (COVID-19) on Jeju *dun dun dunnnnn* . But that’s a story for another time!

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