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Stationery Line-Up

I've come up with a list of all the different stationery I use for school and my creative work. I've linked them to the store, so see if there's anything that catches your eyes!


→ SARASA Clip 0.5 *buy it HERE*

→ Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker 0.7 *buy it HERE*

→ uni JETSTREAM 3 (0.7) *buy it HERE*

→ Monami Soft Ball 0.5 *buy it HERE*

→ uni · ball signo 0.38 *buy it HERE*

→ Pilot Juice up 0.4 *buy it HERE*

→ LAMY Safari Mechanical Pencil 0.5 *buy it HERE*

→ Faber Castell Mechanical Pencil Grip 1347 (0.7) *buy it HERE*


→ Stabilo Swing Cool *buy it HERE*

→ ZEBRA Mild-liner *buy it HERE*

Calligraphy Pens

→ Tombow Dual Brush Pen *buy it HERE*

→ ZIG Clean Color Real Brush *buy it HERE*

Other Tools

→ Scissors from Tools To Live By *buy it HERE*

→ Pocket Field Sketch Box by Koi Water colors *buy it HERE*

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