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Stanford Summer Session: Hopes & Worries

April has already come to an end -- for me, that means that there are only TWO MONTHS left until the start of the Stanford Summer Session! Although I'm definitely excited, I also can't shake some worries (since it'll be the longest I've been away from home). I've made a list of some of my hopes and worries for the Summer Program.


- I want to be inspired by the courses and the people around me.

- I would love to make new friends (for life!)

- I hope to spend some time to get to know myself better so that I can make the best choices in the future.

- To have a better understanding of what is expected of a student in a prestigious university.


- I worry that I'll miss home too much and will want to come back after a few weeks.

- I haven't really shared a room with anyone for a long period of time, so I wonder/worry (mostly worry) how I'm going to cope with that.

- I'm not sure if I'll be able to follow the intense courses (since it is college level)

- I know that there will be some amazing(ly smart) students attending the program as well -- I worry that I'll be discouraged and left feeling like a failure.

Even so, I'm really glad that I get to participate in this amazing experience. I know for a fact that it'll be a great opportunity.

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