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Spirit Power Vol.2

I had a blast during last year's Spirit Power. This year's theme was: A Life With Meaning. Since I was at the time in life where I had to figure out what I was meant to do in the future, it was great to listen to what others planned to do with their lives without losing sight of God.

There were four heart-warming and sermons that were given by the Reverends of our church.

The first one was called 'God Makes Me Smile':

- This sermon was about Issac and Abraham. The meaning behind the name Issac is 'God makes me smile'. This is true in Abraham's situation, as he was able to have Issac at an age that no-one thought was possible. God also promised that Abraham's The two most important messages that I took from the service was that God always keeps his promise and that being able to see for your whole life is a bigger miracle than having a blind man see.

The second sermon was 'Great Abilities':

- In this service, the Reverend talked about the 'point of inflection' in life that occurs when God comes into our life. Before that, nothing can make us truly satisfied; having everything is not enough, but when God is with us, we are full even without anything.

In Corinthians 4:6~10, it is explained that we may be like clayware, but God looks at the treasure inside of us. People can do anything, with Him by their side.

Thanks to God, I can stand tall in any circumstances. When He is with me, I know how strong, beautiful, and important I am to the world. I have INFINITE POWER!

He is the one that takes responsibility of my life and the one who is the owner of everything.

The third (and my favourite) was 'What Is It That You Hold In Your Hands':

The Reverend asked us three questions at the start of the sermon --> What do I live for? What is the meaning of my life? What do I have in my hands?

While they seemed random (and enough to cause an existential crisis), he talked us through it. He told us that real belief is when you praise God even when things don't go the way as planned. We shouldn't say 'I've lived life the way it takes me'. Instead, we need to understand that God is the one who 'guides us' through life. Without a purpose, we are like lost adventurers.

God created a blueprint for us to follow through in life. Determining our purpose is to follow that blueprint and discovering the talents that God gave us. Nothing will change even if we complain and regret things. It's always better to praise God and strengthen our beliefs.

Moses found God while he was out in the wilderness. In Exodus 4:1~4, God tells Moses to grab the snake's tail. Why would He want Moses to perform such a dangerous task? He wanted to see Moses obeying His orders despite his fears. And only when he obeyed, the snake turned into the 'Stick of God'.

God uses us with reasons that we may not understand and without conditions. God is always searching for our obedience, but there is always a reward. We just have to go out to the place that God prepared for us. That is how to be God's Person.

The last sermon was called 'Full Of The Holy Spirit:

- This was a very enriching sermon as it told us about True Belief and False Belief. The Reverend told us that people who believe in God may have something called a Spiritual Greed, where they think that they need to be the ones that love God the most. Loving God is great until that changes into a contest of who can love God the most.

And the reason for Spiritual Greed is because people are led to False Belief. How it works is quite straightforward. At first, they give you a target (a feasible sounding Holy goal). Then they ask you to change. They also tell you to put in a lot of effort, which makes you want a bigger result. When that doesn't happen, you lose hope and fall into Spiritual Despair. No more happiness, only pressure. That pressure makes you wear a mask and you become a hypocrite. It doesn't resolve your sin and only gets you to feel worse.

Then what's True Belief? It's even simpler than False Belief. There is a goal. That goal is to get to know God better. For that to happen, communication between you and God is needed. That is done through prayers and praises. As a result, you get to feel the love of God, know how great God is, and become humble and happy. There is no point in saying that you're the best. We can only call God our friend because he allowed it. True Belief is when you lower yourself to praise God, because without him, your life isn't complete.

Spirit Power 2018 was a great way to reflect on my life and how to plan my future so that my life is good under God's eyes. I thank my church for such wonderful experiences.

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