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Spirit Power!

The church I go to hosts this grand event where people from all parts of Korea and even the world come together to praise the Lord. It was my first time at this event, and it was EPIC!

Spirit Power (a.k.a SP) is a 3 day camp for teenagers at the ages of 14~17 to learn how to follow God's footsteps and live a life that is fulfilling under God's eyes.

After the orientation, where we were singing praises and getting to know everyone in our group, a Worship Team called J-Us came on stage and performed. I had personally been a fan of their CCMs and was thrilled to see them perform live.

When the heat of the praising calmed down, a famous singer told us the story of how he found Jesus and was able to live a better life. The Evening Sermon was given by one of the pastors in our church who told us that we're already on the road to succession if we believe in God. But he also said that we should believe in God for ourselves, and just believe in him because he is our savior.

Despite being tired out with all the events, my friends and I were able to stay up until 3 am in the morning, talking about our lives. They were all really interested in how I lived, because I was the only one who was living in Jeju and went to an international school. I had loads of fun reconnecting with friends I knew in the past, and making new friends.

The next morning, I wasn't actually that tired. The adrenaline must have kept me going. We listened to the Morning Sermon and saw a musical! It was about finding happiness in the little things in life. The actors were all great at singing and I had so much fun. It actually made me want to do something like that in the future.

One of the biggest events during SP is the talent show, where groups (or solos) from different churches can enter and compete for first place. Our church has an amazing worship team, so I wasn't really worried, but there were some striking performances done by other churches as well.

The Evening Sermon was given to us by a very passionate pastor, who talked about meeting God by informing us on how we can prepare. It was really touching and my friend and I were on the verge of tears.

The second night of SP is always the best, because we worship until midnight, and then we start to pray. Almost everyone starts crying at the end of the prayer session, and I wasn't an exception. With tears streaming down my face like two waterfalls, I prayed for forgiveness and asked God for guidance throughout my life.

This must have drained a lot of energy out of everyone, because we barely managed to continue our conversation and ended up sleeping earlier than expected (it was still about 2 in the morning).

It was such a shame that SP ended so quickly, but I had a great experience and hope to do it again next year!

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