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Spending Chuseok during a Pandemic

Chuseok is the Korean equivalent to Thanksgiving in Western countries. It's a time for families to get together; Korea has a tradition of meeting relatives in their extended family during Chuseok and visiting the graves of their ancestors. So you can probably imagine what it was like when the government 'strongly advised' people not to go and see their families this year since it was too big of a risk with COVID-19 still around.

I'm pretty sure that the news told a different story (unless there's an actual law implemented, people just tend to do what they like), with COVID-19 cases being reported after people were on the train back home, etc. etc.

But my family decided to hold an online Chuseok family dinner for the first time in our lives. From Seoul, my grandparents and my dad connected through and we had a great time! I even made some dumplings while on the call. It was a weird feeling but all of it felt sort of futuristic in a way, which I tried to make the most of.

Even with compromises to be made, this was one of my favourite Chuseok holidays!

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