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Princesses in Quarantine (my creative piece!)

Since we were done with the whole IGCSE coursework in drama class (now that the IGCSE exams are non-existent), some of us wanted to put on a show for Arts Week.

We got around to thinking of incorporating this dreary COVID situation into the performance along with something fun like... Disney!

So that's how the whole 'Disney Princesses in Quarantine' happened.

I somehow became in charge of putting this show together (probably because of my enthusiasm), so I wrote the script and changed the lyrics to some of the most famous princess songs.

I volunteered (more like eagerly bounced up and down) to play Rapunzel. I even created matching facemasks with my pen because we had to wear masks while performing.

facemask with sun
Rapunzel's facemask!

Take a look at our performance here!

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