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New School Year (& Real IGCSEs)

I just nearly missed not being able to go to school on the first day because of the timing of my flight from San Fransisco to Korea. But now that I'm in Year 11, it feels quite weird.

I've been on the IGCSE journey for about a year now and I think I'd prefer to do the IB instead. I'm not saying that IGCSEs are useless, but it's just that they have a very rigid structure of what we have to know for the exam.

Ah, that's it. I know what the problem is. Everything is exam-oriented. So all the work we do is in preparation for the IGCSE exams at the end of Year 11. That's why there's not much the teachers can do to make the lessons more fun for us.

Still, the IGCSE exam is going to be my first official external exam that will get marked by teachers who aren't a part of this school. I do worry about it a little, but since I'm at the beginning of Year 11 and that's at the end, I'll probably be fine.

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